Call for Webinar Proposals

The Public Sector Audit Center (PSAC) is calling for proposals to build its 2019 webinar series. You are invited to submit a proposal to share your experience and expertise with public sector internal auditors. The audience will benefit from your expertise while you make a valuable contribution to the internal audit profession.

A PSAC webinar is a one to two-hour presentation on a topic that impacts the internal audit function in local, state, or federal government, or any publicly controlled or publicly funded agencies, enterprises, and other entities that deliver public programs, goods, or services. The length and time of the webinar may change based on the depth of the subject matter. Ideal topics include but are not limited to:

  • Auditing Culture
  • Challenging but successful audits (e.g. stress testing)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Performance auditing
  • Relationship Management
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Technology
  • Tools and techniques

Please note that all topics should include specific insight on the public sector.
Proposals must be submitted using this electronic form by November 15, 2018. Eligible proposals will be reviewed by the PSAC Advisory Board, and decisions will be communicated for all submissions by mid-December.

In lieu of compensation, those chosen to present a webinar are eligible for CPE credit in support of their IIA credentials. Please note that if your proposal is not selected for a PSAC webinar, we may contact you to discuss other means of showcasing your expertise to our audience.

Thank you for your interest in advancing the internal audit profession. If you have any questions, please contact the Public Sector Audit Center at

Download a sample form.

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